How to fix a waitress warning

We are making a new site by Plone 5.2 on Python 3.
We get a waitress warning logs every time .

WARNING [waitress.queue:122][MainThread] Task queue depth is 1

How can we fix it?

export PYTHONWARNINGS="ignore"



You can use sitecustomize here. In particular you can add your own code into a custom Python file and enable it using the PYTHONSTARTUP environment variable (check with the Python docs).

Another option:

Thank you for your information. But I red Zope and WSGI document (

ZServer used 4 threads by default, so if the WSGI server lets you configure the number of threads 4 is still a safe choice.

I understood that threads = 4 is best choice. But I think stackoverflow comment was recommended threads>=6, is it true?

Thank you for your information. Is it no problem for the ignoring the message?

Many web browsers by default send up to 6 subrequests per URL (static assets such as CSS, JS, and images). You will always see the warnings unless you set the threads to a minimum of 6. I recommend that you first tune the setting, so that the warnings appear less often.

After tuning, if the warnings continue to appear too often (which is your judgment), then you could consider reducing the number of HTTP subrequests per URL by concatenating JS and CSS, and reducing the number of images, per URL. That's a good idea anyway to improve how fast web pages load. If the warnings only seldom appear, then it is safe to ignore them.


I will try to modify for threads=6.