How to do what ownership_form, in the goold old time


Since we upgraded our intranet to Plone 5 we lost the ability to change contents ownership by appending /ownership_form to URLs. This is advertised in in the section concerning 5.0a1 (2014-03-02).

As far as we are concerned this is a problem since this means that, if at some point in time a user creates contents (for example she works at the finance department and create contents in some folder requiring privileges given only to members of this department - e.g. through group membership) then, at later times, this user still keeps access to those contents (e.g. if she leaves the finance department for the marketing department, she's still able to access the contents she created previously even though her new privileges (group ownership in fact) should not allow her to access those data.

But it may be that Plone 5 offers some new way to do this ?

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