How to disable moment.js relative dates?

Is there is an elegant way to disable moment.js's relative date formatting ("last week", "two days ago", etc.) particularly in the version history and workflow transition history of a content item?

When I inspect the version history of a content item, I see

<span class="pat-moment" data-pat-moment="format:relative;">17 days ago</span> 

so presumably I could customize view templates so they don't use class pat-moment ... but that seems very heavy handed

I'm not sure about version history or workflow history, but here is what I did for the structure pattern (aka folder_contents): Showing dates in folder_contents in absolute format instead of relative

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While we are 'at this subject': where should translations for pat moment be done ?

Sorry @espenmn I have no idea, but to ask more people you should probably start a new thread

Interesting research I've had to go through :smile:

The folder contents pattern option "structure" with value {"momentFormat":"LLL"} works because of this commit Unfortunately it doesn't work for the @@historyview

I don't recognize an equivalent registry lookup for the moment pattern at though
line 126 uses self.options.format

Trying to use the resource registry to add a pattern called moment with the value {"format":"LLL"} doesn't have any effect.

I think format:relative is hardcoded in the templates for, in,, and

The good news is I can override those in my add-on, but it would be nice to have this format looked up in the registry... I am a bit leery of mucking with that though :slight_smile:

the relative dates are a pest. structure pattern was fixed in 5.1 afaik, but at other places those are still active. pull requests to configure a consistent behavior are urgently welcome.

Thx Jens for egging me on to file this enhancement: which maybe should be a PLIP?

I dont think a PLIP is needed. This is just an enhancement of UX.

@espenmn probalby in the plone domain, see: Datepicker 24 hour format