How to create a drop down menu and contact form in Plone5

Hi, i need some comments on how to add a drop down menu in Plone 5 and a contact form.

An implementation of contact info form is already shipped with Plone, just go to the /contact-info page.
If you need something more, please be more specific.

About dropdown menu: there are lot of add-ons for this (not sure if anyone is Plone 5 ready) but IMHO those kind of add-ons are less critical nowadays as Plone 5 use Diazo all the way around; so you can simply add a dropdown menu found of the web directly on your theme.
Once again: it depends on what you need to obtain... a static menu is simple, a dynamic ones requires some work.

See also this discussion: Plone 5: Dropdown menus

@keul its not true to say you can just need dropdown html and diazo. A dropdown requires the underlying templates to expose all the menu items one go. I personally think this should be something built into plone, perhaps via a better navigation portlet/tile. Then the diazo would be relatively easy to turn that into a dropdown menu.

Is not true to say it's not true :smile:

It depends on what is the requirements of the theme. In a couple of situation customers required us to have a dropdown that we found is never changing (not related to navigation in any way). In that case you can simply put the HTML in the theme.
I'm not saying it's the most elegant or flexible way (not at all) but it just works.

Real question is: there's an menu add-on working for Plone 5 or not?

I did some modifications to webcouturier.dropdownmenu, which I have running in Plone 5 ( at / )
(notice: you need to go to the control panel and save the settings before it works. If it does not install: remove 'None' from the Image control panel)

Finally after following this tutorial:



And it works in plone 5.0.5 as well!