How to change Barceloneta theme global fonts?

Hi everyone! Recently inherited a Plone site, and I'd like to change the global fonts. Currently, the site is using the Barceloneta theme, with Roboto throughout, and uses the medium weight for all page body text. I'd like to substitute a Google font, and use a lighter font weight throughout all body text.

I should mentioned that I am completely new to using Plone; my previous web editing has been with old HTML website, Wordpress, and some Weebly. I cannot seem to figure out where to set the new fonts, how to code it in, and how to save the theme customizations.

Please Help!!

Many thanks in advance,

Hi Sara,

welcome to the Plone world! If you want to change some things quick and dirty through the web, then please follow the instructions from the theming training:

If you want to go into more details, please follow the training material with the advanced sections and ask any questions you have here in the forum.