How to build application by coding outside the ZMI?I don't want to use ZMI directly.I want to do everything outside the ZMI and effect is visible to ZMI

I followed the Zope 4 documentation and using chapter-2 i build the poll application and it's also appear in ZMI drop down menu but when i create interfaces ,python script etc but its effect is not visible in ZMI. If i create any file using ZMI then it's okay everything is good.But when i code outside the ZMI and want to see its effect in ZMI then errors occurs .And i also followed the chapter 5 but still confused where to create and examples/

Zope (itself) supports two quite different worlds: objects inside the ZODB (= "Zope Object Database") and objects in the file system. The ZMI allows you to interact with the first kind of objects, but not with objects on the file system.

Why would you want to access objects on the file system via the ZMI? You can manage them directly on the file system -- without the need for a Zope specific tool (like the ZMI).

There are extensions (to Zope), like e.g. LocalFS and Products.CMFCore, integrating objects on the file system with the ZMI. They are used for special purposes. Usually, you do not need them.

LocalFS seems not yet Python 3 ready, also see this discussion: