How to add TinyMCE plugin to plone.logged.compiled script?

How can I modify the plone.logged.compiled script to add a tinymce plugin.

I have already tried to add it from TTW resource registry but it is possible to add it when activating it in the plugin manager it generates an error.

Is this a way to contribute to TinyMCE plugins in plone?

I have implemented a couple TinyMCE plugins in Plone but it's not clear to me what exactly you are asking.

There should be roughly two steps you need to do:

  1. Have the plugin js available as a browser resource somewhere e.g. "++resource++my.package/plugin.js". I would not try to compile/merge it with the regular resources in plone-logged-in as TinyMCE will want it as a distinct resource
  2. Register it as a custom plugin with the plone registry, either with GenericSetup or through Plone in @@tinymce-controlpanel -> Plugins and Toolbar -> Custom plugins. Assuming the resource URL in #1, this would be something like "myplugin|++resource++my.package/plugin.js"

I think adding a custom script is the best way to solve my problem, but I don't know much about the resource registry to do it as you say.

I would be very grateful if you could guide me where to start in order to do it as you have done.

If you are building a python package with Dexterity you can find out about static resource folders with its manual I do not know if you can do it entirely through the web.

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Hi, thanks in advance.
I have a question. You have tried to add an extra plugin for tinymce and integrate it into Products.CMFPlone, that is my main target and it would also help me to know better how Plone works.

I really want to collaborate more with the community.