How to add Formats (css styles) to the Mosaic Format Menu

I wanted to know what it takes to add css styles to the Mosaic Format Menu. I know that you can look at existing formats in the ./portal_registry but it doesn't allow for adding new registry entries. I am assuming that I could do this through my theme installation using a configuration file of some sort but I am not sure how to do this. Could anyone shed some light on:

  1. The format of these configuration items
  2. How to install new Formats for use in the menu.

If found some information here on the registry formatting but not sure I understand its context and where I would add the values:

I use this Definition in the registry.xml to add a CSS-Class Option for a tile:

<!-- Add new Tile Option to Mosaic Editor -->
        <value purge="False">
        <value key="name">tile-custom-color</value>
        <value key="category">tile</value>
        <value key="label">Custom Tile Color</value>
        <value key="action">tile-toggle-class</value>
        <value key="icon">true</value>
        <value key="favorite">false</value>
        <value key="weight">101</value>
    <!-- /Add new Tile Option to Mosaic Editor -->
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1letter, Does this go into the registry.xml file in the /profiles/default/ directory?


Thank you! looks like its working. I appreciate the help.

Is there a way to do this ^^^ in a fat theme?

Yes, with collective.themesitesetup you can have this in:


Sweet! Very nice :smile:

Great, thanks, avoiding wasting time on this. :sweat: