How to add a listing block to every event page?

In my current project, I need to add a listing block to the bottom of every event page that shows the events with certain tags, so that I can show the latest events.

There are many event pages on the website and I am searching for the options for adding it automatically instead of adding it to them one by one. I know that I can add a listing block to the page layout but then I will have to select the listing criteria in each of them separately.

I have seen that this is possible to do in the Classic Plone with portlets but how can I do this on the Volto? Has anyone ever done this before or seen a project with a similar approach?

Volto newbie here, but I would override the Event View and call a custom Component there, like


const EventView = (props) => {
     return (
         <RelatedEvents {..content} />

In RelatedEvents components you could make a query with searchContent:

This is a example for news but you get the idea:

  useEffect(() => {
        '/' + content.language.token,
          portal_type: ['News Item'],
          review_state: 'published',
          sort_on: 'effective',
          sort_order: 'reverse',
          b_size: 8,
          metadata_fields: ['effective', 'newsitem_types', 'hasPreviewImage']
  }, [dispatch]);

Thank you for the advice @csanahuja. I was hoping to use a listing block for this purpose but your suggestion is also very good. I might give this a try in a different section of the project.

Can't you go to the control panel and add the listing block to the layout for the event type?
You can set it to not be editable by event editors.