How to access ZOpe5 in Ftp

I installed a Zope5 server, which I configured to accept http and webdav. However I also need FTP.
I read that waitress does not support FTP. How can I do?
Which front end could allow access to ZODB in HTTP, and at least FTP
Thanks for your help

Zope 4/5 no longer supports FTP as far as I know.
Look into WebDAV as an alternative over FTP (or the plone.restapi).

Someone has worked to get ZServer Python 3 compatible. You could try to use this variant to get FTP support.

You can find it at GitHub - datakurre/ZServer: Zope2 ZServer. It is not (yet) merged into the ZServer main repository and I do not know if it can be considered production ready.

This is an old thread but still for others coming into this, we got WebDav working by proxying our WebServer listening on the port defined in zope.conf to

It works well for us.

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