How to access ZOpe5 in Ftp

I installed a Zope5 server, which I configured to accept http and webdav. However I also need FTP.
I read that waitress does not support FTP. How can I do?
Which front end could allow access to ZODB in HTTP, and at least FTP
Thanks for your help

Zope 4/5 no longer supports FTP as far as I know.
Look into WebDAV as an alternative over FTP (or the plone.restapi).

Someone has worked to get ZServer Python 3 compatible. You could try to use this variant to get FTP support.

You can find it at GitHub - datakurre/ZServer: Zope2 ZServer. It is not (yet) merged into the ZServer main repository and I do not know if it can be considered production ready.

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