How many use ubuntu for plone?

What will be the advantages and disadvantages of installing ubuntu into my laptop for plone and how many use it right now?

In our case all of our developers (total of 6 for Plone + Volto) use Ubuntu.

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I'm deciding on dual booting my system with windows and ubuntu. So, Is it a good choice or I just install ubuntu directly. My laptop's CPU is ryzen 3 3350u

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I use Ubuntu for ~15years now on my Notebooks and no Windows, except in a VM for testing purposes.
I use Linux for everything, not only Plone development. Servers are running mostly on Debian or sometimes Ubuntu.

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Yea, I use my machine for coding purposes only, One thing I can do is save the private key anywhere safe so that I don't loose windows licence and then install ubuntu.

I appreciate your help,
Thanks for it.

Any recent Linux distribution is fine.

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I am setting up and making a backup in my phone for important files and shifting to ubuntu right away.

Any distribution will work as long as standard dev tools are available (make, gcc, git etc) use what you like and are comfortable with.

FWIW, I find that the prerequisites needed for pyenv and Pillow (essential to a working Plone) match up well for a successful build/installation.

For your frontend, follow the prerequisites listed on the Trainings portal.

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If there are any issues during the setup of the dual boot, the machine will automatically detect the original serial key from the product ID.

So don't be scared to dual boot.
You will love setting up Linux and working in it.

And yes taking a backup is always recommended.

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I really love ubuntu because I have tried it. I use it for building open source of Nginx. It is amazing I thing and will be soon upgrading to this.

Thank you for your time. I appreciate this sir.:heart_eyes:

Thank you for this amazing advice. I am arranging all the things in order to set for upgradation.

I have been using Ubuntu for last 1 year and it's better than windows in my laptop. It is good for developer I think. During my gsoc proposal submission period for volto. Ubuntu ease my work :slight_smile: . You can try!

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Well I have been using ubuntu for like 2 years now as my primary OS i started with 18 then upgraded to 20 and now 22 and it's really good. My plone installation went so smoothly on it without any problem (faced some issue though). But I will highly recommend anyone to use it especially if you are a developer

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Can't argue man! I just opened the laptop right now for installing ubuntu! Gonna do it soon.

I appreciate the help.:heart:

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Hmm, Just backing up my data and getting ready.


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Hi everyone,
This is Danish from his dual booted system of windows and ubuntu. Everything went smooth without problem. Thank you everyone for your help. I appreciate your help a lot.