How many Contributions are like generally needed for Getting approved in GSOC?

I m Saiyam Jain from IIT Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. I have made 2 PRs currently waiting for them to get merged. I wanted to ask how my Prs are like on the safer side fro getting selected in GSOC.

Thanks You


Actually we do not expect any contribution from aspiring GSoC students.
Contributing to Plone requires some time, it is important to first learn about Plone before contributing.

We will value candidates who are going through the Plone trainings, and show enthusiasm in their candidacy, but PRs are not part of our criterias.


The most important selection criteria would be the quality of the applicant's proposal. The proposal should demonstrate that the applicant has understood the problem to be solved, or the feature to be implemented in combination with a reasonable amount of understanding about what Plone is, how it works. Clearly, you don't need to be an expert. Your mentor will hopefully guide you through the process of getting started. As @ebrehault mentioned, having worked with the training materials and a bit of experience would be a big plus.