How is the toolbar refreshed / updated

Hi peeps,

I'm currently working on a viewlet which displays some content relative to the users position in the application. What I need to be able to do, is update (or re-render) the viewlet when, for example, the user is navigating the site-structure in folder_contents. The toolbar seems to handle this somehow that it updates or refreshes when the context changes...

Any idea how I can implement this, I guess it will involve some JavaScript somewhere...

Thanks a heap!

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The folder_contents view runs with some async type request system, the viewlet updates when navigating the folder structures. For instance, if I go to a folder where I can add multiple Content-Type items and then in folder_contents I go to folder which say, only allows images, the toolbar updates to reflect this. pbauer mentioned that it uses a pattern that implements AJAX to handle this, though I don't see any easy way of implementing this same functionality into say, a custom toolbar or viewlet.

It seems like the /@@fc-contextInfo and /@@render-toolbar views seem to shed some light on this. I guess there is an AJAX hook somewhere which triggers the toolbar to be re-rendered when the folder_contents context changes. Gonna see how this can be implemented in some custom way...

Well it looks like Plone "just handles it" with a pattern, thank you to @jensens for reminding me about which I completely forgot about.

I followed the section on but unfortunately I don't seem to be able to get this to work... I followed exactly as described, registered the resource directory, added the registry entry and included the mockup-patterns-structureupdater.js file but nothing seems to happen..?

], function(Base) {
    'use strict';
    var Pattern = Base.extend({
      name: 'structureupdater2',  // Give it another name than the original pattern
      trigger: '.template-folder_contents',
      parser: 'mockup',
      init: function() {
        $('body').on('context-info-loaded', function (e, data) {
          console.log('update triggered');

    return Pattern;

...I added the console.log('update triggered'); but for some reason nothing is logged to console, regardless of what I do.

I tried compiling the JavaScript into my core bundle, but that also didn't work. I'm sort of at a loss now what I should do...

I was going to suggest compiling & re-bundling the JS. Are you sure the new JS is showing up in the served bundled JS? Sometimes there are caching issues.

Well I tried compiling the bundle but I didn't investigate it much further, the documentation only mentions to create a registry entry like this...

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<registry i18n:domain="plone" xmlns:i18n="">

    <value key="js">++plone++my.project.resources/mockup-patterns-structureupdater.js</value>

</registry> only suggests overriding the JavaScript path, there was no mention of having to re-compile this, so I didn't take that much further in testing...

Is it necessary..?