How is the (old) Mosaic documentation created?

This Mosaic 1.0.0 documentation Plone Mosaic — Plone Mosaic 1.0.0 documentation is referred to in at master · plone/ · GitHub and was added by @datakurre

How was that documentation generated, and how can we update the deployment to that S3 bucket?

Ouch. That might need some care. It is Sphinx documentation with embedded robot framework scripts. And Travis and S3. Nowadays GitHub pages should be much better option.

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+1 for using github pages or even readthedocs.
The simpler the stack is, the more likely people will update the docs :slight_smile: .

Is the code for generating that documentation and placing it in S3 somewhere in the repo? (I looked but it's quite possible that I missed it). In the absence of that code, and especially if we find another way to update and host the documentation, how do we delete what's there in that S3 bucket?

not sphinx but here its a very self contained example where it generates images, commits them to the wiki repo (but could any repo) and then references those images in the github page (but could equally be netflify).

The upload was based on Travis CIs S3 support, so there is no good reusable code for GitHub CI nor reason to keep using it due to availability of GitHub Pages. Read the docs was not enough back then because running Plone and capturing screenshots required real CI back then. The S3 buckets for that should be on Plone AWS account and removable from console.

(I'll see, if I still have valid credentials myself. Update: I do have those encrypted on an so old Firefox profile that I need to figure out the latest Firefox version the are compatible with… need some time, but eventually I should be able to clean them up.)

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