'How I did this' category

I am thinking about sharing some info on 'how I did this (etc).

I used to have a blog, not any more, and I feel like 'not much is happening on planet.plone anyway (and it can't be read on mobile easily).

I know it is not what community.plone is intended for, but in some ways it might be better to just write the 'blog' HERE. ( for example if you want to find something written some time ago).

Also: if someone want to ask a question, he might take a look at the suggestion first (?)

..... just a thought..

This forum is certainly all about discussion and sharing. Blogs have a certain expectation that go with them, and I find myself not really interested in sustaining a blog, so occasional posts could go here just as easily, and there would be no need for you to manage a separate site of your own.

However, we could also use plone.org for that since we all have logins there, e.g. a plone.org/blogs folder or maybe something within our own profiles (if they were folderish), e.g. https://plone.org/profile/yourgithubusername

There's Planet Plone which kinda aggregates "How I did this" stuff.
Though "dog fooding" it on Plone.org would be a great challenge for 2017!

Yup; Espen's point though was that he didn't want to use that.

Yeah, why not? Thanks for setting it up, David! :wink:

I'll prefer to set aside a week, but it looks like something I could consider doing.
Probably not possible before 3rd quarter July - Sept for me (but we'll see).