How get blobstorage and filestorage path of specific website


I've checked in from App.config import getConfiguration to extract all possible data with command: getConfiguration().

I need to know what exact path for blobstorage and filestorage. The only information close to my research is instance path something like this "/pathPlone/zinstance/var/istance/".

But I dont find nothing like blobstorage of filestorage paths.

Anyone have already find something?



Not sure if this helps, but you can get the blobstorage path via the DB connection.


Also have a look at the ZODB.blob.FilesystemHelper instance returned by

If you have multiple databases, use the connection from the mount point.


Tommaso Tonioni via Plone Community wrote at 2022-8-2 09:39 +0000:

I've checked in from App.config import getConfiguration to exatract all possibile data with command: getConfiguration().

Zope's getConfiguration is based on ZConfig, an advance
configuration system. In particular, it does not necessary
present configuration options as strings but can use
arbitrary types.

In particular:
the ZODB database configuration is specified via
a Zope2.Startup.datatypes.DBTab instance;
its individual databases via Zope2.Startup.datatypes.ZopeDatabase
instances. The latter is accessible via the configuration attribute
databases (the former likely via dbtab).

it was really helpful. thanks. :slight_smile: