How does Volto handle the `Enter`-Key?

Some Volto-Blocks seem not to accept the Enter-Key.

I don't know whether Volto gets the Enter-Key and it doesn't pass it to the block component or the component ignores it and pass it to some volto parent component.

In HTML-Blocks pressing Enter (with or without Shift, Alt or Ctrl) won't add a new line in the HTML-Block but a new Block after the HTML-Block.

In other Blocks (e.g. Text and Description) pressing Enter (with or without Alt or Ctrl) won't add a new line in the Block but a new Block after the current Block.

In Text-Blocks pressing Shift+Enter adds a new line \n which is rendered as <br>.

If Volto (i.e. some parent component) "consumes" the Enter-Key, is there a possibility to pass the Enter-Key to the current component/block?

Are other keys that are "consumed" by volto? If yes, wich ones?

It's useful to regard the Volto rich text editor as a sort of "full page rich text editor". That's why hitting Enter in a text block will create a new block.

There is a generic keyboard handling for Volto blocks that don't "implement their own focus management". The Text block is the kind of block that does implement its own focus management, and what happens when you hit Enter.

There's a recent ticket that may be of interest, though it just expresses your own issues, as well: Press Enter in some blocks does not focus on the text block below · Issue #3647 · plone/volto · GitHub