How do I set the height of RichTextFieldwidget?

In GitHub - collective/collective.richdescription: Formatable description field for Archetypes and Dexterity we use an field with for the description. I would like to its visual height to the minimum, because a description is short. How can I do this?

z3c.form is designed to facilitate CSS based customizations. I would look at the CSS classes used in the output and check whether they allow the modifications you need.

can you override the iframe of the editor height with a css !important statement in your custom css file, e.g. 80px ?

speaking in z3c form directives language you could inject the height parameter into the richdescription widgets pattern_options like here Configure Pattern Options for TinyMCE in your custom Contenttype ... current tinyMCE height is read from registry here Products.CMFPlone/ at master · plone/Products.CMFPlone · GitHub

Solution for minimal possible height:

    "tiny": {
        "height": 1,
# ... in schema 
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