How do I query portal_catalog? (beginner)

OK I packed it again, and it's still 25 gigs. It hasn't gone down much.

Just making sure I'm packing correctly... I go to /Control_Panel/Database/main/manage_main and then where it says "removing previous revisions of objects that are older than __ days." I put 0 and then I hit pack. If there's another step to it I'm not aware, please let me know.

Other than that, I don't really understand why it's not getting rid of that chunk of space. I'm tempted to just delete the files in blobstorage itself, but worried it might break something.

PS - I just checked the file size of the 2.2 gig blob with the file that I deleted (I saved it onto my harddrive before I deleted it) and the sizes match exactly...

is it possible you have content versioning turned on for that content type? In which case all old versions are kept despite packing.
The other option is that there is a bug in blob packing?

Thanks for the reply @djay. I checked and versioning is turned off for the File and Image types. Just as a test, on a separate instance, I removed the tmp folder under blobstorage and that removed about 24 gigs. And I did not notice anything breaking. I still don't know if removing the tmp folder is allowed, or what it's there for if it's just taking up space and not being removed when not needed anymore.

Iā€™d say either there is a bug in the blob storage. Even if you shut down the server during some operation that required the tmp dir then there really should be some automated clean up.

The right place to raise this issue would be

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