How do I migrate AT content with leadimage to Dexterity

I have a plone 4 site w/ collective.leadimage I want to migrate to Dexterity so I can upgrade to plone 5. but when I ran the page migration to Dexterity the leadImage was not migrated. I did enable the lead image behavior before migrating. what I'm doing wrong?

Add a pdb at the beginning of Try to migrate items that have the old leadimages and see what happens when the code is executed.

@rnunez did that help?

thanks for the reply, I'm trying it right now. I haven't use pdb before, does this looks right?

def migrate_leadimage(source_object, target_object):
    import pdb ; pdb.set_trace()
    """ Migrate images added using collective.contentleadimage to the
    ILeadImage-behavior of if it is enabled.

It's correct. Also learn about more options in Pdb;pdb.set_trace() alternative

Also look at

thanks all, I figure out my issue but could not get back to you until now.
I have copy the blobs from my production server to my development server, but one blob folder was bushy and the other was lawn.

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You can migrate a storage from one format to another:

It's better to migrate away from lawn layout and go to bushy

See also:

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