How do I know if an issue has been "signed off on"

Outside of being sensitive to the direction of discussion and ongoing feedback is there any other protocol for knowing when an issue is available to be worked.?
I'm browsing through the open UX issues labelled (UX Editor) in the issue tracker:
I'm not sure which one to take as it seems many of them are up for discussion.

save are 773 779
740 needs some official ack from ux folks - the icons proposed by @agitator fits imo best.
all other needs discussion.

Thanks @jensens. I'm still getting familiar with the workflow, I'm wondering if tagging these states might help (pending-discussion, approved). Then the question is who does this, maybe @bledwell...?

David, it might be most efficient if you asked Brian Ledwell to call a UI/UX meeting and have on the agenda that you'd like to go through the tagged issues to triage/resolve them.