how do i install the plone.importexport add-on?

I'm trying to install plone.importexport add-on but it doesn't work:

Here is how I inserted the component:

I have already installed these 2 components: collective.easyform, collective.jsonify in the same way but with plone.importexport it doesn't work, can you tell me why?

There is no release of the package on PyPi.
You need to check out the package from Github using mr.developer.

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ok I installed the add-on with that, it seems to have installed it, but now when I reload the page it gives me "ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED", this is due to the fact that I have to configure my component with particular settings?

Ho usato questo questo metodo per installare il componente:


extensions = mr.developer
auto-checkout =ipplf.core

ipplf.core = git


The screenshot does not reveal any kind of error. It shows a successful buildout run.

yes it is true there is no error when I install the add-on, the error appears when I load the page:

there is probably something in the settings that I made a mistake.

Did you start Plone???

Yes, it was on this was the output of the start command:

I don't think that addon is a in a working state even once you get it loaded.