How do I find old discussion comments to moderate or delete?

I approved a bunch of SPAM comments on my Plone 4.3 site and I want to see if there's a central place, like they have on Wordpress, where I can go find those comments I accidentally approved instead of deleting. Can you please help me with that? Thanks in advance! I can't find it, it's not intuitive to me.

Plone4 moderation view /@@moderate-comments does not show comments that are already approved. That's why it's worth upgrading to Plone 5. It comes by default with my comment workflow that shows all comments grouped by status pending, published, rejected and marked as spam.

And also really useful: the moderator can change the status not only from moderation view but also from the commented page itself.

What you can do now in Plone 4 is creating a collection / topic with comments.



It took me forever to find this again! Thank you! It worked for me! Thanks, again!

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