How do I add a new folder from within Volto?

A basic question - sorry if I'm missing something obvious!

I'm using the Volto demo but the same behaviour occurs on any local installations.

The demo comes with three default folders - News, Events and Users.

How do I add more? If I go to the add content section of the toolbar, it presents other content types but not folders.

Use a Page. Pages are folderish.

Bit of a workaround but will do.

I found a bit of an explanation here, mentioning for folders to be addable they need an option ticked.

Would be interested to know why folders are not implicitly addable by default in Volto and whether this is something I should avoid enabling!

Using the folder content type in Plone 6 with Volto is not recommended. Therefore I'd suggest not enabling it. There is nothing that you can't do with the "Page" content type in Volto that you can do with a folder.