How can i integrate barcode reader and thumb impression authentication device with my Plone site?

I am using zbar python module for integrating Barcode reader but unable to open a view for that my code:

from sys import argv
import zbar
from PIL import Image
import io
import time
import picamera

class BarCodeScan(self):
def call(self):
if len(argv) < 2: exit(1)

    # create a reader
    scanner = zbar.ImageScanner()
    # configure the reader
    # obtain image data
    pil =[1]).convert('L')
    width, height = pil.size
    raw = pil.tostring()
    # wrap image data
    image = zbar.Image(width, height, 'Y800', raw)
    # scan the image for barcodes
    # extract results
    for symbol in image:
        # do something useful with results
        print 'decoded', symbol.type, 'symbol', '"%s"' %
    # clean up

It gives following error:

OSError: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I've also asked these questions on the stack overflow question you opened today but I'll ask them here too.

It looks like you might be trying to work with a library on a raspberry pi. Are you certain that the picamera library is properly installed? There's a related SO question that has exactly your error message, and googling for the error text you pasted gives a long list of results that appear to suggest some firmware upgrades might be required in order to get the libmmal library. At the least, these links appear to show where the library should be, so that's a starting point.