How can i implement server side cache using Redis server

I have separate Redis Server with custom configuration, How To integrate Redis Cache With Plone project.

What do you want to cache?

In Dashboard some content.

No idea what you are talking about. Which Dashboard? Where is there a performance issue in Plone?
Describe your issue in depth instead of throwing single sentences into the thread that do not make sense to us without further context.

Interesting enough that I got an anonymous phone call just five minutes after my reply.

I assume it was the person posting the initial question.

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We have a code of conduct that clearly states that we do not tolerate any bullying or threats, so I certainly hope that phone message was not from anyone on this forum.

totally agree. I can't really decipher what kind of advise is needed without a more full context of what the app is trying to achieve and what the problem encountered is, any why redis is the desired solution. Custom code can just use any python redis library to interact with redis but if some other kind of less custom caching is required then a lot of information is needed.

The phone call is a bad example of not able to deal with criticism. I admid Andreas does not find always the finest tone when he writes, but his comment ok and he is right in the message. To give good answers we need a clear picture of what one whats to do. And the best way to get a good answer, is to provide meaning full information right away. All of us have things to do and most of us is not in the mood in pulling the information out of the questioner. People react differently if a question is not ask the right way, most of the time I would ignore it if i don't have the time. Andreas responds but seems annoid of the fact that he has to ask for the missing information.
The good thing in that is, that the questionier has the opportunity to correct the situation and get good answers eventually. Even though some people might be afraid to answer again.

But let me make one thing clear, nothing justifies such a phone call!