How can i customize the Insufficient Privileges View

Following Situation: A contenttype with a workflow (internally_published -> blocked -> internally_published) . A Formview as DefaultView of Object with a submit Button exists.

If a User submit the Form, then the Object is "blocked", other Authenticated Users can't view the Object in the state "blocked". If two Users concurrently submit the form, the first user wins and the second see the "Insufficient Privileges" View.

My Question: I would like change the Infos in the "Insufficient Privileges" View in dependency of the previous object from where the second user came. The message in the view is to general.
But i don't want change the general message globally. Have anyone a idea, what is the best way?

a view adapter if the object provide a marker interface when blocked? I don't know if the insufficient priviledge is adaptable. Otherwise customize the template with a check on the object type and workflow status.

It happens a Redirect to Portal Root and only then is the insufficient view is showing, the previous object, thus the context, is not available. The context is the Portal Root.
But i don't want to enable the view permission for all in the workflow. Thats from my point of view not correct. I test and play a little bit with "ITraversable", i will see what happen.