Horizontal lists

I want to create a web page that lists a few people, showing for each person its name, a photo, and some additional information. I want to present the information for the different people side by side, that is, I want to show the list of people horizontally. The proper way to do this with HTML and CSS would be to use an ul element in the HTML code and use CSS to switch to horizontal layout. But how can I achieve this with Plone and TinyMCE? Should I use tables like in the old times?

Use TinyMCE Styles for it

Than use simple CSS to style your UL

Another option could be to use a folder(ish content type) and add content type 'person' to it and use a view:
( like this: http://www.k2taksering.no/ansatte done with collective.themingfragments TTW )

Hmm, I was actually looking for a solution that my content editors can use, that is, people who know nothing about programming and do not have administrator access.

I agree that the cleanest solution is to have a separate content type for persons and collect all the people in a folder or similar.

A UL style for tinymce is certainly the simplest.
However sometimes what you want to put in these boxes doesn't fit nicely into a UL. So an alternative is to instruct the user to create a table, have a table style and then use diazo to turn the table into a UL with the correct css. We use this for example to create sliders where each table cell contains a title (h3), description, link and a background image.
Another option is to use a tile style with mosaic if using plone 5. Or something like a portlet page (perhaps with the portletstyles plugin).