[Hiring] Plone 6 Developer [Remote Position]

Open Development Mekong is hiring Plone 6 Developer (Python Backend ) [Remote Position] for the Foreign Investment Mapping) Platform.

Send a CV and motivated letter to job@ewmi-odi.org


  • Develop new components based on requirements of the FIM platform. These tasks include extending content-types, creating new content-types for the FIM platform.
  • Create new Plone RestAPI endpoints for Volto front-end views and visualization components.
  • Add new backend web services to Plone 6 to expose relations with Plone REST API.
  • Build new Volto docker containers by packaging all JavaScript NPM packages.
  • Creating patches and updates for Plone addons used in the FIM platform.

For more information:
[TOR- Plone 6 Developer - Google Docs]


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Deadline extended: November 3rd, 2022

Still, feel free to apply, the post may not be filled.

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