Hide Option to "Publish Externally"


We've implemented the Intranet/Extranet workflow in Plone. However, we do not wish to pretty much ever "Publish Externally," as we'd like to keep everything internal on an internet accessible site, with the benefit of requiring a user login to view anything.

Is it possible to simply remove the option to Publish Externally?


Create a customized version of the Intranet workflow without the unneeded options and assign it to the related content-types.
Perhaps: hide the option from the UI using CSS

Thanks, I will look into the custom workflow, but in the interim will go the CSS route

If you look into the portal_workflow contens in the ZMI (on a testing copy/environment, not your live site) you can:

Select the intranet/extranet workflow, inspects its states and transitions and disable the transition.

If you want to persist those changes to something that is not tied to your contentdb and want it stored on filesystem/version control, you should create a copy in a custom workflow in your policy or add’on GS profile and assign your contenttypes to that workflow (can also be done i
With GS. As @zopyx suggests.

I think this (approach) will work if you want to have it 'in your install profile':

  1. Duplicate the intranet workflow in the ZMI
  2. Delete all other workflows in the ZMI
  3. Edit the workflow and remove the option to publish external (there is a checkbox you uncheck)
  4. Go to portal_setup in ZMI and export the profile for workflow
  5. Put this in your 'profile' (/profiles/default). Install your product on another site.

PS: Please check this on a copy of the site first