Hide folder from search

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I've 2 folders with the same object type, but I need to hide the objects from one folders from the search form,

How can I do that?


The simpler way to hide contents from search is to expire them by setting an expiration date in the past.

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yes thanks you, It solved my problem :slight_smile:

With Plone 5 each content item has a setting to exclude it from search, in the edit view

Where is that setting ?
Do you mean the 'exclude from navigation' (was there in Plone 4, too)?
It will still show up in (live) search.

Same question: where is that feature? Maybe you mean Plone 5.1?

BTW: I asked for this feature a very looong time ago but it was rejected!

Select the files or folders you want to hide.
Right-click and choose Properties.
Click the General tab.
Click the checkbox next to Hidden in the Attributes section.
Click Apply.

There is nothing like that in Plone 5.


Yeah sorry I was thinking of the ability to set additional search terms for an item, which I'd seen on a Plone site but it's not in Plone core

To exclude an item from search I might create a custom indexer that checks the object and decides which (if any) values to index. Add a Boolean field to the type called "exclude_from_search"

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.... and one that hides it from 'folder listings etc' also ?!

If you hide a folder from search and from folder listings, how are you ever going to find it again? :slight_smile: