Hi ... Need 1 to 1 help in my Plone

I am a developer and need 1 to 1 help .... I have read so many documentations, I have read the Plone book... but still I can only assume things. Where I can hire a Plone developer that can walk me through things.... which hiring platform is most poplar with Plone developers .

Hi Sami,
You could try posting something in the "jobs" section of this forum. Are you working with a legacy Plone system, is it a brand new system? Share a few details and your goals.
Finding people can be tricky, the best individuals and teams tend to have their hands full, but that's where I would start.

Welcome, @Sami – this Jobs category you posted to is a good place to start, but as @pigeonflight suggests, you could try by asking your questions with as much background information as possible. If you've tried something but ran into an error, you should post details about the error too. See plone.org/support for suggestions on how best to ask for help.

You can find Plone developers on the plone.org/providers page too. Many of them are paying attention to and will answer questions in this forum.

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