Help with plone.restapi

Can someone please guide me on how to start developing plone.restapi locally.
I've cloned the repository, and ran the plone.restapi/ file, It gave me a few errors while installing though.
Is this the proper way to set it up?
Thank You.

You have to use zc.buildout as with every other Plone package.
Also look at the Makefile inside the root directory.

This could help you get started with plone.restapi :

Thank You for the reply,
This is the error I am getting when i run buildout, Note that all the dependencies are met.

Please help me resolve this, I have tried to resolve this but could not solve it.
Thank you!

@adithya checkout the PR @tulikavijay mentioned. It's not merged yet but still a working method of setting up.

First line: "Python.h" not need the python-dev package installed.


Unrelated because the issue is the missing python-dev dependency.


Oh sorry, assumed the prerequisites were met and it was an issue with installation.

Am sorry, turns out I was using a VM and I forgot to install python-dev etc.
There seems to be 1 Syntax error repeating multiple times: SyntaxError: 'return' outside function

I don't think it is safe to ignore this. Why is this error occurring so many times in the first place?
Thank You.

it is safe to ignore them

This hint seems to have been lost in upgrading docs from 4 to 5 but is still valid:

The why and what: During the buildout process regular Python ends up parsing Restricted Python, which results in the output you see.

While the output is unconventional, this is non-fatal.

I have installed all the packages with the only error begin SyntaxError: 'return' outside function, which can be ignored. The buildout was successful.
But turns out 'zope.event' and 'zope.processlifetime' were not setup as a part of the buildout.
I had to install them manually, Though it is not a big error, It is mildly inconvenient.
Should I put up an issue at plone.restapi
Thank you

@gp54321 @Rotonen @ajayns @zopyx @tulikavijay
Thank you for the help :slight_smile:

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