Help with differences between the appearance in 5.2.5 and 6.0.8 sites

I migrated from Plone 5.2.5 to Plone 6.0.8 by copying filestorage and blobstorage to /data in Docker volume, starting a Plone Docker nginx-plone container, and upgrading using the localhost:8080 interface. My site is simple and I want to stick with the Classic UI for now. In the image below, the Plone 5.2.5 instance is on the left and the new 6.0.8 instance is on the right. I have noticed several differences between them including:

  • Folder Icons in the left frame are filled in 5.2.5 and not filled in 6.0.8
  • The folder icons and name are underlined in the left frame in 5.2.5 and not in 6.0.8
  • The vertical line spacing is tighter in 5.2.5 than in 6.0.8
  • The body fonts are slightly different

Is there a way to make the 6.0.8 instance look more like the 5.2.5 instance?


Most of the changes are due to upgrading to the latest Twitter Bootstrap, but one appears to be a UI bug.

For customizing the theme, see Classic UI theming based on Barceloneta.

For the contiguous underline, which I deem a bug, please file an issue in GitHub - plone/Products.CMFPlone: The core of the Plone content management system. I am not sure if that is the correct repo for this issue, but if not, then the core development team will route it to the right group.

@stevepiercy, thank you for your help.

As you asked, I filed an issue for the unwanted underlining: Differences between the appearance of site in 5.2.5 and 6.0.8 #3891

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