Help wanted to relaunch

Wanted: front end help, and designer help!

To launch an updated (currently being served as static HTML), we will do so with Plone 5.2 on Python 3 in the back end.

But in the front end, we’d like to use Volto or possibly Gatsby.

If you have Volto or Gatsby experience, please let me know!

We also need a simple but modern look, so designer help is also welcome


@tkimnguyen Great idea :slight_smile:

But if I understand you need also a design UX proposal for the new Website design, right?

We can try to base the Gatsby/Volto front end design on the existing theme but it would be better to have something a bit more modern. The site was launched in April 2015 (hard to believe it has been already 5 years!). The Volto Hands On Training by Victor at is based around that idea, of copying the existing theme, but because it's a short training class it does not get into how to wire the theme up with the content.

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You have me on your list, right?

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@tkimnguyen Now I am learning Volto and React maybe can help to start the existing theme replication to Volto :wink:

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@macagua @tkimnguyen
I could help with the implementation of the new layout.
I have worked with React/Gatsby and have done the training on Volto, so, even though there would be a learning curve to fully implement a theme in Volto, I think I could help with the Front-End part.

But I agree that it would be good to have a new design to work on.