Help - Tinymce does not work in Plone 5.2.7

Hi all,

in Plone 5.2.7 we have problem with Tinymce editor,
we can not insert image to Actuality (to this content type we can add Image/Link/File).

How we can install again Tinymce to Plone?

if we set English as site lang, i see at console:
404 error, missing of /base/node_modules/tinymce-builded/js/tinymce/skins/lightgray/content.min.css
if we set Czech as languague of site we see at console:
404 error: /node_modules/tinymce-builded/js/tinymce//langs/cs.js

when insert image in "Internal Image" we see this:


we can not add image via "Upload" tab

our site is based on:

Plone 5.2.7 (5215)
CMF 2.5.4
Zope 4.6.3
Python 3.8.12 (default, Sep 16 2021, 10:46:05) [GCC 8.5.0 20210514 (Red Hat 8.5.0-3)]
PIL 6.2.2 (Pillow)
Server: waitress 1.4.4

Many thanks for your time.

What were the last things that you changed in the website when selecting an image still worked? Did you update Plone to this new version (5.2.7), did you change settings?

the 2 errors you see in the console shouldn't be critical for the image select modal to work, the first content.min.css is a default css to show styling in the wysiwyg tinymce window if you don't override the setting in the tinymce control panel. The second is foreign language support.

What happens if you click on the home symbol in the screesnhot you uploaded where you see 'searching...' . What you should see in the network tab is an XHR request to the Plone site with

@@getVocabulary?{"criteria":[{"i":"UID","o":"","v":["038b157b8a204c368fc6d703c3dd33e3"]}]}&attributes=["UID","Title","portal_type","path","getURL","getIcon","is_folderish","review_state"] or something

similar. This loads the content listing from the server to present in the modal / dialog.

hi @fredvd,
many thanks for your response,

we noticed this problem when the site runs in production mode :frowning:
the Plone site is constructed from bin/buildout

when clicked on home icon
I see the request is sending:
"GET": {
"scheme": "https",
"host": "",
"filename": "/aktuality/act1/edit",
"query": {
"authenticator": "af32f86b664454eff00012a299c49c1da8a8c31b",
"query": "{"criteria":[{"i":"path","o":"","v":"/::1"}],"sort_on":"getObjPositionInParent","sort_order":"ascending"}",
"attributes": "["UID","Title","portal_type","path","getURL","getIcon","is_folderish","review_state"]",
"batch": "{"page":1,"size":10}",
": "1669653560538"
"remote": {
"Address": ""

the status code is 200

Do you also see some json with object-info (the content items in the directory) in the response from the XHR request?

(screenshot is just an example from a project I quickly started locally with Plone 5.2.X in Firefox)

If you switched from 'development' to production mode did you also change the domain name on which the Plone site is now published and/or the subpath? (Like http://mysite.local:8080/plone to )

Informed guess here, but there could be a mismatch now where the xhr requests for the content listings somehow are not arriving correctly at the portal site root.

Maybe worth trying

  1. Go to theme controlpanel and change theme (or disable it)
    2)) Go to resource registry control panel, put in debug mode
  2. Change theme back

Quit browser, open browser, try, revert 2)

hi @fredvd
i dont see the json of objects in directory, only this:

somehow tinymce can not get the list of objects in directory :frowning: