Help.Plone windows installation

Hi there,
I am new to plone and I am very new to all of this website development stuff.
I have followed all of the instructions from the plone installation page.
After installing all of the recommended programs e ran CMD as administrator and typed "variant up".
It took some time nevertheless at the end there was a successful installation message.
The problem is that i do not know where to go from here. Whenever I type any of the commands shown on the installation page I just get a message saying that it is not an internal or external command.
I cannot get to the http://localhost:8080 page.
I also tried running VM Virtual box but i get an error message.

I hope I can get some help.

I know this is a very late response, but...

The vagrant way of running Plone on Windows should indeed work.

The commands you're typing in probably won't work the same way as they would on a Unix or Linux computer.

The simplest way to get Plone running on Windows is to use this method:

  1. I too had the problem while installing . If you are using windows 10 download ubuntu subsystem from appstore and use the linux commands.
    The commands are bit different when you work with windows and mostly wont work.
  2. VM is another option .
  3. If you want to use windows. Duel boot with linux os.

If you just want to try Plone and you don’t need it to run on your computer, you can go to which lists live demo sites, or you can use the Heroku button at