Help keep Plone dependencies tidied up

As it seems to be a new trend, to post either new PLIPs, or status updates of them, I hereby do the same :smile:

I just posted this on the PLIP: keep track of dependencies:

This PLIP is ready for review:

With the global jenkins job we are tracking around 130 packages (all packages defined in sources.cfg in branch 5.2 of buildout.coredev that are either in plone or collective GitHub organizations) which should have their dependencies reviewed. It would be cool if that could be done for almost as many persons as packages :+1:

I will be totally happy to mentor/help anyone interested in reaching the goal of keep track of package dependencies on all our packages.

For starters, some packages that might be easy targets:

Have fun cleaning dependencies, you will learn a lot :wink: !

Hi Gil,

Wouldn't keeping the usermapping in all the repos a maintenance nightmare?
It would lead to duplicate definitions all over the place by the looks of it, or am I missing something here?

We probably could use whatever collective.omelette does to generate a usermapping that can be used for specific Plone versions as it already creates symlinks from module to the egg - ie Products/Five links to the Zope2 egg.