Headless WYSIWYG Text Editor

This looks interesting: has real-time collaboration

Ummm interesting, it seems it's based on the old Prosemirror.

Interesting. The editor uses GitHub - yjs/yjs: Peer-to-peer shared types internally and there is a slate-editor version of it:

I've been looking into this at one point, my dream is to replace the locking mechanism in Plone with real-time colab. I would put the colab feature at the "above the blocks level", meaning one person locks the block for editing, this will make it the easiest to implement as it would keep the complexity required from block implementation to minimum (meaning, no additional changes required to what we have right now).

So the pieces that we'll need are:

  • yjs or other crdt implementation to reconcile our forms
  • a server-side hub like Mozilla's togetherjs/hub at develop · jsfiddle/togetherjs · GitHub, hand-shaking implementation and backend integration with Plone (security)
  • Volto part, but we've already laid down some of the foundation with the recent blocks engine code reorganisation

Looks interesting, I think @thet was looking into this editor also for the Plone Intranet Stack.

I've been demoing it at my Ploneconf 2020 talk.
Here is the Patternslib integration of it:

@tkimnguyen with the new Mockup we're building, this can be used in Plone.