"Hackable Plone": RFC: Export Button for any control panel settings page

I started a discussion on a probably useful feature as issue/ticket on github. Since not so many people are reading this I move over here and copy the summary. I really like to here your opinions!


  • For each control-panel
  • Only changed values/ non-defaults (currently: all values)
  • Only value itself, not the field definition with title etc. (currently included)
  • Which roles: manager or site administrator?
  • As download (similar to dexterity) or as textarea/ace (more convenient for copy-paste), maybe as popover?
  • Button placement for export similar to dexterity (keep UX).


  • Do we need this? Need more opinions here. "Hackable Plone" approach? What do others thing?
  • Which roles: Manager or Site Administrator?
  • By file upload or using a textarea/ace?

By changed values you mean all values that are different to what is defined in file system? I like this idea.

Different than defaults is easy to detect, different than file system is more difficult, but probably also possible.