GSOC'24 Introduction: Devyansh Sehgal

Hi Everyone! Devyansh Here :grinning: , With a degree in Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.) focused in Computer Software Engineering and a minor in Economics from Shiv Nadar University, here's a little about my coding experience.

I was the national runner-up at Smart India Hackathon'23. I have a knack for UI stuff and experience in MERN stack. I am currenlty discovering the world of Gen-AI with use-cases for web-dev with langChain and RAG integrations.

My Github: @devyansh3

I would like to contribute to the following ideas at Plone:

Multi-columns row with drag-n-drop support between row and columns
** AI/ChatGPT content generation from title and summary**
Decoupled editor for Plone headless

I would like to discuss these ideas further with the mentors. Thanks!