GSOC'23 Applicant Introduction

Hello everyone, I am Ayushman Garg, an Information Technology engineering undergrad from India. My tech stack includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React Js and Python. I am currently learning more about backend development and aspire to be a MERN stack developer. This is my first time at GSOC but I am familiar to Open Source, in 2022 I completed Hacktoberfest and since then I have contributed to several projects, I have explored the Plone website and I am really looking forward to contribute to Plone, learn from fellow contributers and mentors and gain some invaluable experience.

My Portfolio:
Thank You,
Ayushman Garg

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Hey @ayushman_garg

Welcome to the world of Open-Source.
Welcome to the Plone Community.

Here are tips to start your journey in Plone

Start with the Training Documentation which is the documentation giving a clear idea of what is Plone and its functionality, and you can sign the Agreement in order to start your contribution journey towards Plone Foundation

I have filled the contributer agreement and mailed it. I am willing to work on " Refactor class components to functional components".

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Nice, Start by reading the documentation and understand it. Also setup volto on your machine

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So, I have read the whole documentation and also set up volto on my Laptop through Docker. Also I got a mail from github through which I have joined Plone Foundation on Github and am ready to contribute. I have one question, should I start contributing right away or wait till my application gets accepted by GSoC.

Read through Plone Contribution
and also if you wish to contribute you can look into the issues section for each of the repos in Github and start contributing

@ayushman_garg Hey, can you help me how to fill the contributor agreement?

What problem are you facing?

On the first agreement, what I have to fill in the second blank space ( in the program
_____________________________________ (“Program”)). In that, what which program I have to write.

After providing name, date, signature and Github username, What should I have to write in below section:
For the Plone Foundation,

[Plone Representative Executing Assignment Agreements], [Title]

One more thing to ask, we have scan all three pages or just that signed page only.

  • What should I enter in the "Program" field of the agreement?

Enter "Plone" to be granted access to the Plone core repositories. Enter "Zope" to be granted access to the Zope core repositories. To gain access to both you will need to sign two copies of the contributor agreement.

This was clearly mentioned in the Aggrement.

  • 2nd Question, you can just leave that blank

  • 3rd Question, I guess make all 3 scans so that they all look the same.

Thank you sir for your help.

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