[GSOC2017] Inline tiles for mosaic

Hello everyone

I've been working on the first part of my GSOC-project this month and I believe it's high time for me to demonstrate my progress so far.
For the first part of my project I've been working on the mosaic add on and created the functionality to drag and drop tiles in and out of rich text tiles to allow more robust layout customization for mosaic, that so far has been chained to a grid.

Dragging tiles in and out of rich text tile

All tiles can currently be added to rich text tiles as div, however the most useful feature of tiles inside rich text tiles is the ability to add field tiles as span and presented inline with other tiles. Regular tinyMCE formating with inline tiles and they can be inside tables, lists etc.

Formating inline tiles. (The bug causing tiles to multiple are caused by nonEditable plugin)

Tiles inside richtext tile are saved as data-tile urls and @datakurre has been working on backend to have tiles inside other tiles render in viewmode.

My project code currently resides in it's own branch at the mosaic github. I'll be doing last bugfixes and adjustments this weekend and I'll aim to get a pull request done by sunday.

During July I'll be continuing my project and using inline tiles and rich text tiles to create more customizable listings in mosaic. You can follow discussion between me and my mentors @djay and @datakurre on our gitter chat: https://gitter.im/plone/plone.app.mosaic



Very nice progress!
Especially field tiles inside the richtext tile looks like mosaic could become an easy to use form editor.

One of the goals for my project is to be able to create customizable search forms with mosaic. Kinda like what eea.facetednavigation does but with less heavy UI.

Maybe then you're interested in https://github.com/collective/collective.collectionfilter

This is an alternative to eea.facettednavigation. Currently it provides portlets, which you can use to build a facetted navigation. The search is done on a collection by refining the collection's search query.

There is not yet a tile but it was refactored from collective.portlet.collectionfilter with the aim to add tile support later on. The logic and schema interfaces are defined in a generic way, so that they can easily be used for a tiles.

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@thet Thanks. I'll take a look at collectionfilter. The initial goal for my project was also to use collections to show search results.