GSOC2017: Improved listing customization using Plone Mosaic

Hello all!

My name is Mikko Hursti and I'm one of the Summer of Code -students working on Plone during the summer. I'm creating this topic to act as a place for general discussion about my project and I will try to post updates about my progress for you all to see.

About my project:
As you can see from the title of this topic. I will be working on Plone Mosaic to create an easy way to customize listings in Plone with the same kind of functionality that Plone Mosaic provides currently. The project is based on one of the project ideas listed by Plone for the GSOC. At first this means that I'll be adding functionality to drag and drop other tiles inside richtext tiles and making it possible to save custom layouts inside richtext tiles. Using these tiles my plan is to create list repeatable tile that can be used to create listings with easily customizable layouts and could possibly even work with search forms.
There are still some issues with the implementation that need to be resolved before the actual coding begins. I'll be working with my mentors @djay and @datakurre to make sure that we have a clear plan about all the project goals before June.

We will try to keep the communication during the project as open as possible. You can follow discussion around this project in gitter:
A project board and milestone for the project can also be found on github:

I will also be seeing some of you in early July in the Midssummer Sprint in Jyväskylä!

About me:
I'm an university student from Jyväskylä Finland. My major is Information system science and my main focus is in system development. During my studies I've also worked as a system developer in a local company, but as of now I'm again a full time student and aiming to finish my studies in the near future.
I'm extremely excited to be chosen to work for Plone and hope to be a valuable asset for the community during the summer and after that.
During the spring I've been able to gain a good fundamental knowledge of Plone while writing my project proposal. I'm currently spending my time getting to know plone and Mosaic more by reading the source code and documentation.

I've also been making several pages about shiba inus reading news: