Gsoc Recycle bin

Hi @tkimnguyen I am Kamal a React/Next.JS developer and I have good knowledge of Python and its libraries.

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hi @kamal ! Welcome to Plone and thank you for your interest :slight_smile:

The recycle bin is something that most users expect in any system, the ability to see what they deleted and to restore a deleted item.

Here is a thread with more information about the recycle bin idea: GSoC 2022 contribution / recycle bin idea - #2 by tkimnguyen

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions!

thanks for the prompt reply @tkimnguyen Currently I am learning castlecms and installing plone environment on my system.

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Hi @kamal – how has it gone?

You should try following this Mastering Plone training to understand how to develop with Plone: GSoC 2022: Web Authn - #10 by tkimnguyen

thanks for asking @tkimnguyen , I just got finished with my exams some days back and yeah I am following it what u have suggested :slight_smile:

Hi @tkimnguyen , can we have a google/zoom meet as to discuss the recycle bin idea bit. I am really interested in contributing to Plone community :slight_smile:

ya about the update then yep I am following that training !