GSoC - Progressive Web App add-on

Hi, I am pavithira. I found the GSoC idea 'Plone as a Progressive Web App' interesting and am reading upon it. I have set up the development environment and am currently going through the documentation to get started on resolving some easy bugs. Hope to start contributing soon to the Plone community. Any additional pointers about the project idea would be helpful :slight_smile:.

Hi @pavithirakc - welcome to Plone and thank you for your interest!

GSOC student applications will open on March 20.

@ebrehault had a nice answer in Gitter re: how to get started with the progressive web app:

first thing to do for you is probably to install Plone + plone.restapi
so checkout
then set up a Python virtualenv
and then:
bin/buildout -Nv -c plone-5.0.x.cfg
and you will get a Plone instance with restapi
create a basic Plone site with few random contents
and start from here

As @cewing wrote, "A terrific first step to learning more about Plone will be to select one of the issues marked for beginners in our issue tracker in github. Working on fixing something small, or writing some documentation, is a great way to get started understanding how Plone works underneath. You can learn how to contribute to Plone in our documentation."


Hi, I am AVI.

I really like your idea of the Progressive Web App for Plone. I have been playing around with Angular2 and Meteor for quite a while now. I am going through your documentation and looking forward to contributing to Plone.

Any other helpful tips from you guys would be awesome!.


Hi, I am Noel.

I also want to contribute in this project, I have got Plone up and running, what should I do next?
Can you give me some idea about a basic Plone site?


@axios047, @envy7, It's wonderful to hear from you both. Please read our post Information for Interested GSoC Students for a few ideas on how to get started preparing for GSoC with Plone. Once you've had a chance to follow the ideas there, @ebrehault's suggestion to install and explore the plone.restapi package is a very good one.

We look forward to hearing more from you both, and to receiving your applications once the period for applying opens on March 20.

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@cewing In the contributors-agreement it is written that I need to send the physical copy, Is scanning and emailing not at all an option?

Awesome :+1:

as per

"Download and sign the Plone Contributor Agreement. Then email a scanned copy to"

Hi everybody,

Here is a package I am working on at the moment, it aims to provide a full Angular API to Plone RESTAPI:

It can be very helpful to build a PWA.


Hi, Am Katende Ivan. am looking forward to working with Plone this summer on plone PWA. Thanks Mr Kim Nguyen for this short description.

on execution of

npm install --save @plone/restapi-angular

I'm getting error @plone/restapi-angular' is not in the npm registry

yes, it is not published on yet
but you can use the github master branch

Ok got it, could you also help me with something, I really want to work on this issue but none of the mentors are responding.

@envy7 I can see that you've spoken up on the issue in github. I'll chime in over there. Be aware that it may sometimes take a few days for people to get back to you. It is also good to ask questions directly if you have any.

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Thanks a lot @cewing I'll keep that in mind in the future.

@ebrehault I tried building the PWA using the angular guidelines, there they have mentioned currently they have a broken flag for the mobile version of their angular-cli. could you suggest me what should i do next. I have gone through the plone rest api documentation.

Give a try to Ionic 2.

Hi @ebrehault we can also give it a try to build react app over plone restAPIs too. As we have a good angular app that we were working. We can also thing of building react app over restAPIs. Ideas ?

Yes that's part of the other GSoC subjects we want to propose.

By the way, here are the extra subjects we discussed:

  • React app on top of plone.restapi
  • Browsable API (a Django REST Framework like browsable API for plone.restapi, that auto-generates forms for the different endpoints and allows the user to discover the API easily)
  • PloneFormGen in Angular 2
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Just to make it clear to everybody:

A lot of candidates are motivated by the Progressive Web App subject, but be aware we can also accept other frontend-related subjects.
Here is a list of other subjects we have in mind (but you can come up with your own):

  • React app on top of plone.restapi
  • Browsable API (a Django REST Framework like browsable API for plone.restapi, that auto-generates forms for the different endpoints and allows the user to discover the API easily)
  • Form generator in Angular 2

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