GSoC: Improve Add/Select/Modify Link Widget

Hi, I'm Aishwarya Ravi, As I progressed learning more about Plone, through github repo and Plone training documentations, I finally found this project aligning with my interest. I realized that there are actually two areas that we need to work upon:
First being attaching the file as an internal content that can be linked either by browsing through the computer files or attaching the link of an already existing webpage.
But, I had a doubt regarding, Linking the External URL part, as soon as the user tries to link an external URL that doesn't exist within the site,

  1. We need to verify if the domain name entered is accurate or not, if in case it happens to be inaccurate, we need to notify the user about the same.
  2. If the domain is reachable, how about we initially try redirecting to that page first, before it is finally linked to the site.
  3. Once we are good to go, we need to insert the remove link and alt-text option as well.
    I hope that's pretty much what we're supposed to accomplish through the project. If there's any other area I've missed, it would be great if the community could help me.


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