Gsoc idea of refactoring class components to functional components

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On the whole, the idea is to refactor class components to functional components by using hooks . I have gone through some concepts on how to make use of hooks/custom hooks in different scenarios and I have stated some of my understood knowledge below. :thought_balloon:

:maple_leaf:UseEffect works in mounting , unmounting components in the DOM ,fetching data and allowing side effects in the components .

:maple_leaf:Instead of useState opting for an alternative of useReducer when the number of state transitions are too many so that several state variables are updated under one place.

:maple_leaf:Use of useCallback and useMemo hooks along with React.memo to optimize the performance of the components .

@sneridagh & @nileshgulia1 awaiting your feedback and mentorship on how I can approach the Refactor class components to functional components idea in general? :slight_smile:


Hey @sneridagh, can you provide your feedback ,it would be helpful to continue further . Thank you.

Here's the detailed PLIP: Refactor class components to functional components · Issue #4460 · plone/volto · GitHub

Hi Tisha,

Did you check the PLIP?

That's a detailed idea of the project. Please let us know if you have any question about it.

Thank You @nileshgulia1 and @sneridagh :smile:

I have submitted the initial draft of the proposal. Any feedback will be highly appreciated.

GSOC Related Doubt

Does Expected size of the project: 350 hours correspond to Project Size: Large?

Yes, 350hrs for a large project. If I recall there is also a provision to extend it further. however, it shouldn't be a matter of concern for now.

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