GSoC idea of creating a new Volto theme

:grin: Hi all,

Considering the idea Create a new Volto theme, adding a dark theme to Volto helps improve visual ergonomics by reducing eye strain apart, especially in low light environments. :new_moon_with_face: :full_moon_with_face: :night_with_stars:

I want to showcase a possible prototype dark theme for Volto. Minimal Semantic UI elements and collections are overridden for now. The majority of the components follow the Pastanaga UI theme. :saluting_face:

The background and primary text colors follow the Material Design dark theme guideline. :white_check_mark: Few colors have been chosen based on intuition for demo purposes. :face_with_peeking_eye:


All the code changes required can be found on this branch.

@tkimnguyen & @nileshgulia1 awaiting your feedback and mentorship on how I can approach the Create a new Volto theme idea in general? :slightly_smiling_face:


@avimishra18 That looks great. I want to pull @tkimnguyen into the conversation and find out where we want to go with this idea besides the fact that we will also have a new design system in future that presents pastanaga-ui in new form.

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Thank you @avimishra18 – that's a good start.

Overall, we would love to have installable themes for Plone Classic and Volto that let someone choose from a variety of looks (layouts, colours), the way someone can pick from many free or paid themes for Wordpress (for example).

I would look over and choose an interesting theme and explore how to create a Volto theme from it.

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Hey i had a few questions ...

(1) Is the volto theme a 3 month project or a pre-gsoc task to prove one's self? (2) is there a section where project ideas are given? (3) what are some ways to prove myself because i'm late to the party :frowning:? Is it too late for me?

Please let me know.

I have submitted the initial draft of the proposal. Any feedback will be highly appreciated.

GSOC Related Doubt

Does Expected size of the project: 350 hours correspond to Project Size: Large?

Proposal Related Doubts

I think selecting a theme is more of a personal choice. :sweat_smile: Hence, I am unsure how to proceed ahead. Personally, I liked Wavo which is supported for Wordpress, Drupal & Joomla? Although, it has a lot of template pages.

  1. What are your thoughts on this theme?
  2. Should I target a specific number of single-page views in the proposal?

I have explored it a bit. I am confused about what to present in the proposal:

Should the proposal be like this the design I am targeting to achieve?
It should be generic and mention some theme/s for inspiration. And the actual design can be finalized before the end of the community bonding period? This option gives more time to explore.

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Good morning Every one.
I'm Icono Yuri. I'm actually interested to be a contributor for the Plone project, and want to work to improve it on all ways possible.

@tkimnguyen thank you for the clearer description of the expectations of the Plone Community for this project idea.

I think of course that it is realizable.

Now I don't know how style sheets are applied to the different plone pages or components, but if we can use CSS variables to set the theme color palette, instead of using constant values, and store all these CSS variables in an unique file or folder, then download a new theme would consist in downloading a new folder, containing the files that will contain the CSS variables which would correspond to that theme.
Then, to apply them, an association between Python and Javascript must be sufficient to create the code which would handle the theme importation, and integration to the system.

My proposal is quite long, but I hope it will be interesting for you.

Kind regards

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Hi @rish – the idea of creating (one or more) Volto themes so that others can apply them to their own sites is one of our GSoC project ideas.

To connect with the community and get familiar with our code, please review the "Prepare for the 2022 Summer of Code" in Google Summer of Code — Plone: Enterprise Level CMS - Free and OpenSource - Community Driven - Secure

Is there one in particular you mean in this list? Wavo Website Templates from ThemeForest

In a previous GSoC year, we had one student create 5 themes (for Plone Classic, that uses the Diazo theme engine). They picked those themes. It's really up to you what to propose.

Maybe imagine you are new to Plone and would like to create a Volto site for your friends or family or a neighbour who wants to start a small business.What would YOU want to see in terms of free themes you could apply to those sites?

Hi @iconoyuri – what you describe is already in Plone theming. See Plone 6 Classic UI Theming — Plone Training 2022 documentation

What we are interested in for this project idea is the creation of themes for Volto, which is Plone's React front end. Theming is touched on in Volto — Plone Training 2022 documentation (the Styling section).

Thank you for your reply, and for the resources links

One more time, my comprehension of the project is improved. Until now I thought a theme was just defined by a color palette, but here we are talking about changing the whole display of the pages, and even giving to it an innovative look.

I think the most suitable way to create a really interesting theme would be by following the next steps.
First, identifying the context. What does the user need? Is it a portfolio site? A showcase? A blog?
When this is defined, we can next look for interesting designs on sites like dribbble or create original ones corresponding to the user desire.
Then implementing them on Volto.

All we ( I :sweat_smile:) need is selecting one of those subjects

During this summer of code, I would like to work on at least 2 themes. It would be about portfolio sites, and showcase ones

I think those are the ones CMS users wants the most (personaly I would like to build a beautiful portfolio for myself)

Thanks to all the members of Plone Foundation for guiding me during the proposal period. :smile:

Excited to contribute to Open Source! :star_struck:

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Welcome to Plone community @avimishra18 :tada:. Let's schedule a call together with @tkimnguyen and me sometime this week to discuss our future tasks. You're probably already in #gsoc in discord. We might also create a separate room for our project. :thinking:

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Sorry for 'answering so late', and beeing a bit off topic:

Although Wordpress has trillions of themes, most (?) people that develop a lot of sites use just a couple and then use page-builders (etc) for much of the design.

So my suggestion would be to make something a bit 'generic', maybe look at Wordpress' Astra or Divi themes.

PS: I do the same (both in Wordpress and Plone but I use my own themes – and make settings for font, colors, sizes etc)

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