GSoC contribution: Media Repository

Hello everyone,
I am Saksham Katiyar, a 2nd year undergraduate student at IIT Bombay, India.
I am interested in contributing to the Media Repository idea for GSoC 2022. I am well practised with Git and Github, although most of my projects were individual or small group projects. My expertise is in Python and Web Development. I have also worked with ReactJS based CMS to make a blog page which could be updated using web GUI interface (using forestry).
Since I have never worked with a large code bases, could any of the mentors please guide me where should I start and how to proceed for this project idea?
P.S.: I also found the Export and Import reallt easy for mortals idea quite interesting and I would like to explore that too, once I get comfortable with the code base. @tkimnguyen


Hi @Saksham – welcome!

Plone's code base is indeed large, so it helps if you know what you'd like to do. That way we can guide you more specifically.

For the media repository idea, I will have to defer to @robgietema

Generally speaking, you should:

I have gone through a lot of documentation to understand the functions and working of Plone from a user side. I followed the documentation to install Plone using Unified UNIX Installer and it is working fine.
But then I started with the Mastering Plone 5 documentation and the Installation instructions given there are not working, specifically at the ./bin/buildout command. It throws some version errors:

Having installed Plone (through Unified UNIX installer), I guess I won't need the training version, but can someone please guide me about this error and how to resolve it ???

Is it necessary to follow Plone 5 and not Plone 6 mastering documentation ?? I guess Plone 5 was referred by the mentors in all posts because Plone 6 is still in production. But how much difference would it make ??

Since I came to know that Meda Repository is already being implemented in a client project, I am planning to divert my focus to the Content Rules idea and the Export and import really easy for mortals idea. I will choose one of them once I complete the mastering documentation. Any suggestions and guidance for these ideas are welcome. @robgietema @tkimnguyen @mikemets

I'm curious where you learned that this was already done.

Plone 6 Classic (the server side rendered back end) is quite different from Plone 5.2 for a number of things, including the default Barceloneta theme and the resource registry. You can see the changes in the release notes

Also, Plone 6.0.0a is not as stable.

It helps if you can provide the version of the installer you used, information about the machine you're using (OS, etc.), version of Python, and please paste the text of an error, not a screenshot.

How to Ask for Help — Plone: Enterprise Level CMS - Free and OpenSource - Community Driven - Secure explains how to ask questions to make it easier for us to answer

Ah I see in GSoC 2022 Contribution/ Media Repository - #3 by robgietema

I am interested in the Content Rules idea for GSoC.
I have followed the Mastering Plone 6 and Plone Documentation. Currently I am analysing the backend code to understand how the Content rules were implemented in Plone classic.
@robgietema Could you please tell what kind of an architecture is expected to implement this feature in Volto? How should I go about making REST endpoints for this feature? Where to start and what all to include?